Now that the Trump administration has announced that DACA protections will end in 6 months, we must push Congress to pass a clean and standalone DREAM Act to ensure that our 800,000 DREAMers can continue to pursue the American Dream.

What You Can Do

1. Tell Senator Orrin Hatch to co-sponsor and support a clean and standalone DREAM Act.

Hatch DC Office - 202.224.5251
Hatch UT Office - 801.524.4380
Click HERE to email Sen. Hatch (use the topic "immigration")

Mailing Address:
     Sen. Orrin Hatch
     U.S. Senate
     104 Hart Senate Office Building
     Washington, DC 20510-0001

2. Tell Your Congresswoman or Congressman to support a clean and standalone DREAM Act.

Congressman Rob Bishop (District 1)
DC Office - 202.225.0453
UT Office - 801.625.0107
Click HERE to email Rep. Bishop (select issue "immigration")

Congressman Chris Stewart (District 2)
DC Office - 202.225.9730
UT Office - 801.364.5550
Click HERE to email Rep. Stewart (select issue "immigration")

Congresswoman Mia Love (District 4)
DC Office - 202.225.3011
UT Office - 801.996.8729
Click HERE to email Rep. Love (select issue "immigration")

Note:  Utah Congressional District 3 is currently vacant


UCLR Immigration Committee

UCLR advocates for federal, comprehensive immigration reform to fix our broken system. UCLR also stands with the many law-abiding immigrants who seek a better life for their families.


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